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Waste Lift Project - A Green Solution

May 22, 2019
Not many of us think about how basement restroom waste moves through a building waste system but Dan Wright does, and he is creative about keeping these systems in top shape!

Keeping Kemper Cool: Motor Replacement Project

April 30, 2019
Replacing a rooftop motor is no easy task. Thanks to the concerted effort of Paul Good, Jorge Suarez, Kevin Eubanks and two crane operators, the crew replaced a difficult-to-maneuver, 700lbs rooftop motor quickly and safely.

The Underlying Benefits of Mats on Campus

April 30, 2019
The Mat Project introduces new UC Davis imprinted floor mats to various buildings across campus. The mats serve more than an aesthetic purpose; they also help prevent accidents and elongate the floor's longevity.

Custodial Goes Green

March 18, 2019
UC Davis is adapting to a new sustainable standard using environmentally friendly products to maintain our beautiful campus buildings.

2019 Campus Safety Lighting Walk Recap

February 08, 2019
Over 115 students, Aggie Hosts, UC Davis Police cadets and staff from UC Davis Facilities Management’s exterior lighting team turned out for UC Davis’ annual Campus Safety Lighting Walk on January 22.

UCDrive: Research in Motion

December 05, 2018
A collaboration between UC Davis and BMW brings 10 electric vehicles to Fleet Services. The Institute of Transportation Studies will be studying user experience as well as the integration of electric vehicles into fleets.

Facilities Brings Voorhies Up-to-Date

November 07, 2018
Built in 1958, Voorhies Hall is home to many literary and humanities programs offered at UC Davis. This building is certainly a classic, with many of its original 1950s details, including green tiled restrooms. Luckily, Facilities is bringing Voorhies into the 21st century with some new and improved renovations, thanks to deferred maintenance funding.

Out with the Old, In with the New Chillers

October 03, 2018

Recently, the chillers were replaced at the Contained Research Facility at UC Davis. This replacement comes from deferred maintenance funding, and as Ralph Fickett, Mechanical/HVAC and Controls Project Manager in Building Maintenance Services puts it, “This is a perfect DM project. We are replacing like for like parts, and removing end-of-life equipment that from natural wear and tear isn’t performing as well, and putting in a nearly exact replacement.”

UCDrive on the Go

August 29, 2018
UCDrive users can now view available vehicles, make a reservation and see their ride history all on their phone through the app FleetShare. The app, available on iOS and Android devices, is being rolled out in an effort to make it easier for users to rent a vehicle on-the-go.

New Electric Charging Stations Installed & More Coming!

August 03, 2018
New charging stations are now available for use at the Mondavi Gateway District Parking Structure and Lot 1. Partnering with Transportation Services, Facilities Management electrical staff helped power and install new electric vehicle charging stations over the last two months.

TherMOOstat Success Story: Math Sciences Building

July 25, 2018
Do you know where your room's thermostat is? Your thermostat location matters because its position determines the room's temperature reading. Knowing where it's located may give you more control over your comfort.

New ADA Compliant Ramp at Briggs Hall

July 06, 2018
A new ADA compliant ramp has been installed at Briggs Hall! The safer, durable, new concrete ramp resolved safety concerns and makes Briggs more accessible.

TherMOOstat Success Story: Rock Hall

July 03, 2018
TherMOOstat feedback is important to us because it gives the occupants an opportunity to voice their opinion on their comfort and helps us discover any issues with campus HVAC systems. In this case, a group of comments revealed a malfunctioning heat pump and led Facilities to quickly resolve this problem. Chemistry Building Room 194