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Facilities Management

We strive to make the university better every day through innovative stewardship of campus assets and resources. We aim to provide, maintain and improve the campus environment by working alongside campus partners to deliver exceptional customer service.

Facilities Management News

Customer Spotlight: Micah Sokolsky

July 09, 2020
Whether operations are open or suspended, Micah Sokolsky logs many miles travelling around campus in his Athletics golf cart! As the Facilities, Operations and Events Coordinator for UC Davis Athletics, Micah’s days are never boring.

Employee Spotlight: Madison Spiva

July 09, 2020

If you have rented a car from Fleet, you have probably had the pleasure of speaking with Madison. Having worked at UC Davis for a little over a year, Madison Spiva is the Dispatch Coordinator for Fleet Services. Madison knew a number of people who worked for the university and heard firsthand their enjoyment of the work environment and opportunities that UC Davis offers.

Madison greatly enjoys working as the Dispatch Coordinator and her duties involve vehicle reservations, fuel operations, and tracking vehicle metrics.

Utilities Turns on the Switch at Telecom

July 09, 2020

Do you know how campus internet and tele-communications get to your desk? Do you know where they come from? Thanks to Generator and High-Voltage teams at Utilities, we don’t have to worry about those questions right now, but let’s learn anyway…