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Campus commits $55.5 million to the next phase of Big Shift

Earlier this month, the Chancellor and the Chancellor’s Committee on Campus Planning and Design, or CCCPD, endorsed moving forward with a $55.5 million investment of campus funds for the next phase of the Big Shift – a heating infrastructure overhaul that represents a crucial step in reducing the university’s fossil fuel usage. 

Plumbing, Construction, and Fire Protection

The Plumbing, Construction, and Fire Protection team is a part of the Building Maintenance Plumbing, Steam, and Night Operations shop. 

When you think of a plumbing, construction and fire protection team, you might think that they only deal with fire sprinklers and similar equipment. But this group of eight skilled individuals is responsible for all of the plumbing connections related to fire protection and more within buildings, ensuring that the infrastructure is in top shape.

Understanding and Improving Maintenance Requests

From weather to limited staffing, there are a number of factors that can cause delays in work order fulfillment. The Facilities Management team is working to smooth out these bumps where they can, by analyzing data to develop and implement innovative strategies to streamline maintenance requests and ensure campus spaces are not only functional, but pleasant for students, employees, and campus community members.

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From Rusty to Reliable

In a recent interview, Joel McCoy, Director of Utilities Civil Infrastructure and Operations, shared insights on the campus-wide fire hydrant replacement project. The goal with the new hydrants is to improve the reliability of the campus fire protection system and protect our water resources.

Three planned projects underscore UC Davis’ sustainability leadership

From researching how to more efficiently cool buildings to adding compost bins to classroom buildings, many  units across campus perform invaluable work that allows UC Davis to continuously reach the highest levels of sustainability. Design and Construction Management, or DCM, plays its part in sustainability by facilitating large infrastructure changes in collaboration with other units in Finance, Operations and Administration, or FOA.

UV Lights Shine at the Waste Water Treatment Plant

Brad Butterfield and his team manage the UC Davis WWTP. During a recent tour, they showed the latest technology in using UV light to sanitize wastewater as it passes through the UV light system. A significant overhaul of the system updated the equipment.

Uncovering Energy Savings at Vet Med 3A MPT

A team effort between the Energy & Engineering team, and Building Maintenance Services (BMS) shops for sheet metal, ventilation, plumbing, and electrical created a big win at the Vet Med 3A Multipurpose Teaching (MPT) facility.