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Employee Spotlight: Richard (Rick) Houston

This month we shine our headlights on Rick Houston, a Senior Store Keeper for Fleet Services. Rick has worked for Facilities Management at Fleet Services for four and a half years. Before coming to the university and Facilities Management, Rick worked for the Harley Davidson shop in Vacaville. When it was time for a change in employment, he knew that the university was a great place to work.

Bringing PG&E Smart Lab Projects to UC Davis

Smart Labs is a utility incentive program through Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), which provides funding for implementing energy-saving solutions in laboratory buildings. Completion of this program will result in safer labs, fewer carbon emissions from reduced energy use, and lower utility bills. Read how Energy and Engineering coordinated bringing this program to UC Davis buildings.

CA Fires Alter Daily Work - Keeping Staff Safe

The Camp Fire of 2018, burning 153,336 acres, changed lives and how California communities respond to wildfire and smoke events. Although Davis is located a little over 100 miles south of the origin of this fire, this was a historical event for UC Davis as the smoke from this fire impeded our daily operations. Read about the safety measures that we implemented to prepare us for future events.

Student Spotlight: Alexandra Rivas

Alexandra Rivas is a fifth-year student employee who is double majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering and pursuing double minors in Sustainability in the Built Environment and Construction Management and Engineering. Alexandra worked for UC Davis Conference and Events Services before accepting a position in the Energy and Engineering Office as a Green Buildings intern in the fall of 2020.

Business Partner Spotlight: Irina Skiba

Irina Skiba is the Assistant Director of Business Operations and has been with UC Davis since August 2019. Quickly learning her position in the middle of COVID-19 Pandemic, Irina has become a considerable asset to Facilities Management (FM) during this time!

Fleet Services transitions to WEX card

Changes are coming! How we manage charges for fuel and emergency maintenance services for campus vehicles is getting a facelift. Previously, the Voyager card was used for fuel and emergency purchases, but by September 30th, Voyager cards will no longer be active. Wright Express Corporation (WEX) is the new card management administrator.

Student Spotlight: Erica Vogt

Meet Erica Vogt, who received her degree this past spring in Community & Regional Development with a minor in Human Rights. She has worked at Fleet Services since August 2020 as a Dispatcher. Fleet Services is Erica’s third job on campus, and she says it is by far her favorite.

Employee Spotlight: Brian Lima

Brian Lima works as a Controls Project Engineer for Energy & Engineering and has been with Facilities Management for two years. Brian has lived in Davis for the past 9 years and heard about the job from a friend. Because he resides in Davis, Brian enjoys being close to home and being able to bike to work.

BMS Saves Primate Center From Heat Disaster

Normally, the UC Davis small primate areas inside the Primate Research Center’s temperatures are kept in the low 80s at most. To a person, 86 degrees is comfortable, but to a small primate, this can be deadly. When the temperature was pushing 84 degrees in the facility, this created an emergency. With the outside temperature reaching 113 degrees that day, Jim Pisano, Facilities Manager for the California National Primate Research Center, knew he had to act quickly.

Student Spotlight: Monet Kunz

Meet Monet Kunz, who will enter her fifth year in the fall double majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She has worked in the Energy and Engineering Office as a Green Building intern since last October. Monet has been working on the Energy and Atmosphere category of the LEED certification team (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which is a green building certification system).

Employee Spotlight: Peter Maxwell

This month we had the pleasure of getting to know Peter Maxwell from the Facilities Management Asset Management unit. He is a part of the Portfolio Management and Preventative Maintenance team, which is responsible for developing the UC Davis Preventative Maintenance Program that provides life-cycle analysis, planning, and maintaining of over 50,000 assets. Learn more about Peter by reading on.

Hanging Emitter Lines Saves Water

This past March and April, water conservation projects were completed by the Facilities Management Plumbing Shop in TB 183, Poultry House X, and Poultry House Y room 3. The team installed new water emitter systems in the three buildings. James Medeiros, Gary Fitzpatrick, Chris Persons from the Plumbing Shop worked to install this new system. It took some planning and creative thinking to route and support these lines systems. Read how these changes saved thousands of gallons of water. 

Innovation Increases Revenue for UC Davis

After UC Davis took over the Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digester (READ) Biodigester facility in 2017, staff ramped up efforts to increase usage of the facility. They started by investigating removing ammonia from the digestate (the material remaining after the anaerobic digestion of a biodegradable) and what the result would be. This change will enable the READ facility to increase revenue and decrease waste. Learn how this innovative change was brought about by Utilities staff and the benefit to UC Davis. 

The Pathway that Inspires Career Success

Finis Jones, Director of Custodial Services, joined Facilities Management in 2017, bringing years of experience and a new style of leadership to the team. Once on board, Finis immediately recognized that he had some amazing staff on hand. He began working with his managers Remedios Sarabia, Swing Shift Custodial Services Operations Manager, Esmeralda Vanover, Operations Daytime Principal Supervisor, and Jasmine Aranda, Operations Services Support Staff Manager, to expand the department's mentorship progam and create a pathway that would inspire staff to strive for career progression.