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Crafting a better campus environment

Facilities Management

We strive to make the university better every day through innovative stewardship of campus assets and resources. We aim to provide, maintain and improve the campus environment by working alongside campus partners to deliver exceptional customer service.

Facilities Management News

FCA Team Tackles Project - Benefiting All UC!

In 2016, Facilities Management (FM) started a venture with the University of California, Office of President (UCOP) to create a UC-wide program to evaluate every significant piece of real property on campuses. The program helps departments effectively prioritize projects, manage risk, and plan long-term funds to maintain campus’ assets. Learn more about the team that manages this program.

Resourcefulness Leads to Big Savings!

In April 2020, Facilities Management (FM) was notified by Design Construction Management (DCM) of several buildings on the Davis campus that were slated to be decommissioned. The notification allows our teams the option to identify any equipment or materials that might be useful to use for future projects. When John Zertuche, Director of Building Maintenance Services gets these notifications, he shares them with his superintendents who decide which buildings might have materials that can be reused or repurposed. Read more about a few of these projects.

Graduating Energy and Engineering Students

This month we are shining our student spotlight on five Facilities Management Energy & Engineering student interns that will soon be graduating. Energy & Engineering is home to a number of student interns with various backgrounds who are able to get hands-on experience in the engineering field and beyond. Besides engineering internships they offer students positions in communications, data analytics, and web development just to name a few.