Facilities Management

We strive to make the university better every day through innovative stewardship of campus assets and resources. We aim to provide, maintain and improve the campus environment by working alongside campus partners to deliver exceptional customer service.

Facilities Management News

An Oldie but a Goodie: Boiler # 1

May 18, 2018
After running for almost 50 years, Boiler #1 at the Central Heating and Cooling Plant was retired. However, with plans to switch to a more sustainable heating operation, Utilities decides to bring Boiler #1 back online as a security measure to ensure overall campus operations will be unaffected by future construction.

Electrical Systems Team Upgrades Pull Barn

May 03, 2018
The aging infrastructure at the Dairy Teaching and Research Facility is having a hard time keeping up with new energy demand. See what Building Maintenance has done to improve the facility's operation.

Help Reduce Carbon Emissions On and Off Campus

April 23, 2018
With Earth Day coming up on April 22 and the condition of the environment as a reminder, we are encouraging drivers on and off campus to consider changes they can make that help reduce carbon emissions.