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We strive to make the university better every day through innovative stewardship of campus assets and resources. We aim to provide, maintain and improve the campus environment by working alongside campus partners to deliver exceptional customer service.

Facilities Management News

TherMOOstat Success Story: Rock Hall

July 03, 2018
TherMOOstat feedback is important to us because it gives the occupants an opportunity to voice their opinion on their comfort and helps us discover any issues with campus HVAC systems. In this case, a group of comments revealed a malfunctioning heat pump and led Facilities to quickly resolve this problem. Chemistry Building Room 194

TherMOOstat Success Story: Valley Hall 1010

July 03, 2018
Crowdsourcing feedback is the best way for people on campus to tell us if something is wrong. When we received numerous feedback over the course of several days from Valley Hall Room 1010, we discovered an airflow purge issue that was overcooling the space.

TherMOOstat Success Story: Ghausi Hall

July 02, 2018
TherMOOstat is an interactive web app that allows people to provide their comfort feedback. Thanks to the feedback we receive, we are able to resolve many campus HVAC system issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.