Keeping our Work Order Management System Efficient

How the Tririga Users Group works to improve the users experience!


This quarter we’re highlighting a team that works to ensure our work order management system runs smoothly and efficiently: the Tririga Users Group! This Group meets monthly to look into any changes that can be made to improve work order management for both facilities employees and customers. 

The Tririga work order management system allows facilities staff to assign work tasks to certain shops, track the progress of tasks, and mark tasks as resolved or complete. Facilities Management (FM) customers who have access to Tririga can submit tasks and track their progress. 

The Tririga Users Group was formed to create a group of key Tririga users within FM that can meet to take in requests for changes and get input on what improvements can be made. The team  is made up of 12 employees from various departments within FM, including: 

  • Edward Johnson, Interim Director, Asset Management
  • Dan Colvin, Data Scientist, Utilities & Engineering Operations
  • Kimberley Arthur, Quality Assurance Analyst, Support Services
  • Kiernan Salmon, UX Researcher/Product Developer, Utilities & Engineering Operations
  • Mallory Gatchalian, Customer Experience Supervisor, Support Services
  • Emily Francis, Workflow Analyst, Building Maintenance Services
  • Joel McCoy, Director, Civil & Infrastructure. Operations, Utilities & Engineering Operations
  • Jasmine Aranda, Manager, Custodial Services
  • Kevin Ross, Lead Senior Physical Plant Mechanic, Building Maintenance Services
  • Jake Bice, Interim Supervisor, Steam Systems, Building Maintenance Services

The team began working together about a year ago, and has expanded in membership since then! Interim Asset Management Director Edward Johnson says a need for better communication with key stakeholders prompted them to start the group. Since then, they have seen significant improvements in communication!

The team uses a shared database to gather requests and ideas for improvement as they work with Tririga and speak with customers and technicians. At their monthly meetings, they discuss these requests, determine their importance, and prioritize them accordingly. They then gather research and additional input to determine the best possible solution. After making changes, the team must then communicate to stakeholders what these changes look like and how they will affect their work. The main goal of the changes is to make sure Tririga is meeting stakeholder expectations, says Edward Johnson. 

One of the team’s biggest accomplishments, says Edward, was a full redesign of the Tririga homepage for technicians! Before the redesign, technicians had to go back and forth between many different tabs to manage a request. The Tririga Users Group gathered feedback and was able to consolidate the different tabs to make tasks easier to complete!

The Tririga Users Group is always on the lookout for ways they can implement new technological advancements into the Tririga system! We thank them for all of their hard work in improving the Tririga user experience for staff and customers! 

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