Customer Experience is a Hub of Activity!

CEC collage


The Customer Experience Center (CEC) is a hub of activity. All work orders and follow-up information flow through this office. You can feel the charge in the air from all of the moving parts being put into place as this group takes information from customers and ensures it goes to the right technician quickly.

As you may remember, we had quite the storm in December. This event generated 108 work tasks –WOW! The CEC processed 136 storm event tasks and 39 storm follow-up tasks from December to February. Tracking the many work orders and follow-up tasks from a significant event such as that storm is a feat. To combat this, a team consisting of staff from the CEC, FM Quality Assurance, one of our Data Scientists, and Building Management Services (BMS) worked together to develop a dashboard that will allow the user to track these storm events. We now can track the movement, comments, and discussions between units on these tasks with a new Storm Event Dashboard. The December storm caused roof leaks and other damage. During this storm response, our teams were able to test out these tools with excellent results.

The CEC also had 4589 work tasks that they logged and coordinated during this period on top of the storm events. Of these, 1013 high-priority tasks required prompt action by the CEC and the BMS technicians. The teams have noticed an uptick in requests even without storms as more staff and students return to campus.

In addition to work orders and calls for assistance, the CEC also processes building or system shutdown notifications to our customers. The team let affected customers know of 172 shutdowns for maintenance.

Responding to our customers' needs is just one part of the CEC's daily tasks. They also support the various units in Facilities Management. The new tools and communication with our customers have helped us navigate the repopulation of the campus and the various storms. This collaboration enabled them to meet your needs and quickly process your work orders. What a team!

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