Student Spotlight: Thomas Patten

Meet Thomas Patten, a second-year graduate student working on obtaining his Master of Science in Energy Systems. Thomas has been with Facilities Management (FM) since the summer of 2021 but is no stranger to UC Davis, as he worked for the university from 2012 to 2015. He enjoys that in his position with Energy & Engineering, he works in sustainability to help fight the climate crisis.

Employee Spotlight: Emily Ziser

Hello Emily! Emily Ziser is the Training and Engagement Coordinator for Facilities Management in Operations Support. Her responsibilities include leading staff training and engagement opportunities through events, courses, surveys, and career development programs. She also supports the department-wide marketing and communications efforts. “Basically, I work to keep staff engaged through opportunities for growth and opportunities for fun.” 

Customer Spotlight: Kami Elliot

Kami has worked with UC Davis for over 21 years! She started her journey with UC Davis in custodial services but has spent the last twenty years with the Primate Center. Her current role at Primate is Environment Health & Safety Specialist; this is new to the center, and her duties are still expanding.

Student Spotlight: Sofia Zamora

Meet Sofia Zamora, a student employee in her fourth year studying Animal Science here at UC Davis. Sofia is a Student Dispatcher and has been part of the team at Facilities Management Fleet Services since November 2020.

Employee Spotlight: Mallory Gatchalian

We caught up with Operation Supports Lead Customer Experience Specialist Mallory Gatchalian this month. Mallory joined Operations Support, and Customer Experience in September 2019 and was promoted from specialist to lead in 2021. Mallory's role includes directly supporting BMS, Utilities, Fleet, and Custodial.

Staff Spotlight: Sally Bounds

Meet Sally Bounds, a Fleet Administrator who has been with Facilities Management (FM) for nearly eight years. Before coming to UC Davis, Sally worked for different companies but knew she wanted to complete her career at the university due to its benefits and culture.

FM Talks Leadership at ADMAN

Last month, a team from Facilities Management had the honor of presenting their Future Leaders program, which was launched in 2019, to attendees at the annual ADMAN conference. Read more about this event. 

Employee Spotlight: William "Bill" Lonsdale

This month we had the pleasure of catching up with a very busy, William (Bill) Lonsdale. Bill is an Inspector, Planner, and Estimator (IPE) for Building Maintenance Services (BMS) structural projects. Structural work covers everything related to carpentry, flooring, windows, and doors. 

Student Spotlight: Energy & Engineering Students

The ECO office gained four new Graduate Student Researchers in the Fall of 2021. All are first-year graduate students pursuing their Master of Science in Energy Systems and using their knowledge to reduce energy use on campus. Each student focuses on niche aspects of energy conservation on campus, ranging from COVID-19 ventilation to housing and dining innovations. They enjoy the blend of fieldwork and data that the Energy & Engineering Energy Conservation Office offers when solving problems.