Image of hydration station on the UC Davis campus.

Campus Water Fountains and Features

Fast Facts

  • Custodial services will be cleaning all water-bottle-filling stations twice a day. 
  • All indoor and outdoor water fountains will be turned off and covered.  Signage on indoor fountains will direct people to the nearest water-bottle-filling station, all of which remain active. 
  • All outdoor decorative water features / fountains will be turned off.

UC Davis is taking safety measures consistent with state guidelines as they relate to campus water fountains, refilling stations and decorative water features. 

While UC Davis water remains safe for consumption, all drinking fountains will be turned off and covered by staff from UC Davis Facilities Management.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there has been no evidence of COVID-19 transmission through water, however, shutting down drinking fountains can mitigate risk of transmission. Read more

Nevertheless, UC Davis understands the importance of staying hydrated. Signs will be placed on indoor covered drinking fountains directing people to the nearest bottle-filling stations, which remain open. These stations will be cleaned by Custodial Services twice a day. 

Find the locations of these stations on this map (created by Student Health and Counseling Services). 

Additionally, all decorative fountains will be shut off temporarily. Staff from the Arboretum and Public Garden's Grounds and Landscape Services team maintain the water features throughout campus, which includes regular cleaning and disinfection, however, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, they want to make sure they have the personnel needed to manage higher-priority public health concerns.  

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