Three Strive for Plumbing Journeyman Certification though Apprenticeship Program

The Facilities Management (FM) Plumbing Apprenticeship Program kicked off last fall and has been in full swing since then. With three apprentices, the Plumbing Shop has new faces who are taking online classes after work. This program spans four years and results in a journeyman certification applicable to plumbing trades.  

We caught up with Kevin Green, who is one year into the program. He looks forward to gaining the experience and subsequent journeyman certification. “This certification will open up long-term opportunities for myself and my family. I feel like I lucked out on the work-life balance this program allows,” says Green. The apprenticeship has been a perfect fit for Kevin, who has been with UC Davis since 2012. The move to FM seemed opportune when he realized he could learn and become certified in plumbing trades. One year in, Kevin is happy to report that he is proud to see the tangible results from his work at the end of the day. 

The coursework aligns with what the apprentices work on daily at FM. Both the courses and daily work deal with the maintenance of university systems. The apprentices gain experience in customer service and emergency response for a large community. The FM plumbing team works to maintain existing systems rather than instructing how to build something from the ground up. For this reason, apprentices Kevin Green and Pedro “Pete” Alvarez recommend this program for those who plan to continue working in a UC setting. 

Pete came to UC Davis from outside work with no plumbing experience but knows he wants to continue working here. “I can balance work, school, and family business - while learning from professionals,” says Pete Alvarez. The apprentices show their appreciation for their coworkers who share their expertise. Not only does this program offer a work-life balance, but also the opportunity to learn from certified plumbers. “Each of my coworkers has unique knowledge, so they all help me differently,” says apprentice Matthew Preciado. Matthew was also a UC Davis staff before entering this apprenticeship. He spent a few years with Special Services on campus and was ready for a new challenge when he learned about this program. He knew it would fit him well and his overall goals. 

As the apprentice program passes its first full year of operation, it appears to be a success for all involved. Combining course information and hands-on work experience should make the apprentices well-prepared as future journeymen. To find more details about the plumbing apprenticeship, contact Morgan Linley at or 916-870-9092.

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