Cooling Towers at Life Sciences Building

new towers

New cooling towers at the Life Science building are expected to be complete in February. The two 250-ton towers help support research in environmental chambers that simulate varying environmental conditions. They’ve reached the end of their lifespan and were beginning to show wears/cracks in the structure of the equipment. 

The replacement project began in June 2017, cost a total of $325,000, and took the coordination of various departments within our Building Maintenance Service. BMS sheetmetal, refrigeration shop, electrical construction, plumbing, steam shop, and mechanical IPE staff all had a part in helping to replace the cooling towers.

Facilities Management would also like to share a special thank you to Transportation Services staff: Ismael Castro, Gabriel Truitt, Mickael Preciado, Alan Mazzoleni, Sam Fernandez, Blake Reynolds and Uriel (Michael) Esordienti, Gina C Preciado and Becky Vidale! Thank you all for your help on completing this project!