Student Spotlight: Energy & Engineering Students

The ECO office gained four new Graduate Student Researchers in the Fall of 2021. All are first-year graduate students pursuing their Master of Science in Energy Systems and using their knowledge to reduce energy use on campus. Each student focuses on niche aspects of energy conservation on campus, ranging from COVID-19 ventilation to housing and dining innovations. They enjoy the blend of fieldwork and data that the Energy & Engineering Energy Conservation Office offers when solving problems.  

Brianna Dooley graduated from the University of Dayton before coming to Davis last Fall. She has been using her coding skills on programs that enhance ECO's modeling algorithms on energy savings. Upon completing graduate school, Brianna plans to continue working in the clean and renewable energy field, specifically for an innovative start-up company at the forefront of renewable energy technology. When not on campus, Brianna is likely running, as she has completed two full marathons and several half marathons. 

Pratik Khadka completed his undergraduate studies at Kathmandu University in Nepal and is learning from his coworkers and peers as part of the ECO team at UC Davis. Following his graduate studies, Pratik plans to work in energy efficiency. He wants to be a part of the global effort of reaching a carbon-free future. Pratik's hobbies include running, cooking, reading non-fiction, motorcycling, or learning how to play the guitar. 

Tanner Palmer began his studies at UC Davis following his undergraduate studies at Marietta College in Ohio. After receiving his M.S. in Energy Systems, Tanner may continue his studies by pursuing a Ph.D. in Building and Efficiency Studies. If he chooses not to pursue a Ph.D., he may find a job in engineering or his dream job of designing wind farms and turbines. Tanner enjoys the outdoors, whether mountain biking near the Appalachians or road biking in Davis. You may also find him hiking, skiing, or visiting a new winery in Napa Valley. 

Thomas Patten worked as an Assistant Development Engineer at the UCD Lighting Technology Center for three years following his studies at Florida State University before switching to ECO. Following his graduate studies, Thomas would like to apply his ECO skills by researching sustainable infrastructure and eco-districts. Thomas enjoys rock climbing, biking, brewing, and playing pool. He even purchased one of the pool tables from Aggie Surplus when the MU underwent renovation!  

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