Student Spotlight: Daniel - Valentin Bruma

Meet Daniel-Valentin Bruma, a Landscape Architecture major who is graduating this spring. Daniel has been a student intern for the Utilities department within Facilities Management since Fall 2021.

Daniel's responsibilities include updates to computer-aided designs, or CAD files, as part of the Utilities team. He includes the newest information about renovated buildings, or if there have been changes to floorplans. He also takes photos of hydrants and emergency call boxes, adding them to the Facilities Map to ensure their locations and IDs are accurate. Daniel enjoys that working at facilities allows him to work on a diverse set of construction documents and gain experience with software such as CAD, Adobe Creative Suite, and Excel. He also enjoys taking photos of projects around campus to help keep the Facilities Map up to date. After graduating this spring, Daniel’s goal is to work at a landscape architecture firm in the Bay area. His goal is to eventually specialize in designing gardens and ponds since he has always had a passion for aquariums and sea life.

When he’s not on campus, you may find Daniel playing soccer, watching movies and stand-up comedy, or catching up with friends and family.

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