Staff Spotlight: Sally Bounds

Meet Sally Bounds, a Fleet Administrator who has been with Facilities Management (FM) for nearly eight years. Before coming to UC Davis, Sally worked for different companies but knew she wanted to complete her career at the university due to its benefits and culture. Sally enjoys that working with FM allows her to have a short commute and the ability to work from home sometimes.

As a Fleet Administrator, Sally is responsible for routine administrative and accounting duties. Sally also maintains the licensing for all university vehicles, including trailers and boats, with the DMV. The Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program, which runs through the DMV, is one of her duties to maintain. Sally enjoys that her position has variety and no day is the same. Some days, she reconciles Purchasing Cards, heads to the DMV office, or plans a potluck for her coworkers. Sally shared that her interactions with the DMV tend to be the most challenging task since she must explain UC Davis’s benefits and tax statuses to DMV staff to ensure she gets the correct licenses.

Though there are challenges, Sally enjoys working in Facilities due to the people she gets to work alongside. She appreciates that FM often comes up with ideas to bring people together, adding to the camaraderie and positive environment.

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