TherMOOstat Success Story: Rock Hall

Rock Hall

January 12, 2017

Rock Hall is the main lecture hall connected to the Chemistry building. It is used to host large lectures from various departments. 

Rock Interior


On January 12, we received feedback reporting abnormally cold temperature. Comments indicated that the room is colder than it was supposed to be. 


"It feels like we're on an Arctic Tundra"

"It is very cold. It feels like the AC is on."


Rock Hall Feedback


The setpoint for Rock Hall Room 194 is typically at 75°F, but the actual temperature ranged from 56 to 68°F. This influx of responses and the significantly low recorded room temperature prompted us to take a look at the heating hot water pump. Sure enough, the heating hot water pump was malfunctioning, which caused the room's incoming air to remain cool. Our team alerted an HVAC technician to check on the issue and it was resolved quickly.