Leading the Way in Custodial Innovation 

Custodial Services at Facilities Management (FM) has made many notable improvements to its operations this year and is looking ahead to how they can lead the way in cleaning innovations. This team is always looking for opportunities to serve our customers better, and these advances are evidence of that. 

One such example is the Virtual Manager program introduced this year to promote efficiency and enhance the tracking of cleaning coverage. Virtual Manager Software is loaded on department cell phones, so our custodians, while in the field, have an electronic guide and do not have to rely on a printed map. As employees retire or change shifts, this helps to reassign buildings to ensure coverage. It also provides a tracking system for inspections. The program was up and running on October 1, 2022. The team is looking toward getting all staff onboard. 

As a part of their long-term improvement plan, Custodial Services reassigned 60 employees to the day shift to increase the presence of custodial staff on campus when students and faculty are there. Now, high-traffic areas are serviced several times per day rather than once at night. More frequently serviced spaces promote a healthier environment, too! With this change to the day shift, we encourage you to get to know your building’s custodian!  

This switch contributed to their recent honor of the 2021-22 Citation of Excellence team award. Their work is not going unnoticed, as both UC Davis Custodial Services teams - FM and Student Housing and Dining Services - received this esteemed award. For more information about this honor, click here. 

Custodial Services strives to create a path of innovation in its industry. In 2023, Custodial Services will participate in the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) “Train the Trainer” event and an Innovations Expo for the cleaning industry as one of the leaders in innovation in staffing and cleaning tools. David Swindle, trainer for FM Custodial Services, will be one of the lead trainers for this event. This event will be held at UC Davis and will invite custodial staff from other state universities and local companies.  

Additional innovations include touchless sprayers and backpack vacuums. Our custodians tested these with great success. Robotic vacuums, similar to the Roombas some of you may own, saved many work hours once they were programmed to roam the hallways in some buildings on campus. A few staff members now have their drone licenses and you will see them cleaning our taller windows in late spring into summer in 2023.  

The cooperative nature at FM promotes positive changes to the UC Davis campus and community. FM Custodial Services strives to improve services with innovation and dedicated staff members. Their projects this year are a testament to that. 

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