FM Employee Recognition October 2019


STAR Award

Dat Lam

HVAC Control Technician, BMS

Dat is always willing to help his teammates no matter what. I am nominating Dat for his assistance on a small project to reduce equipment runtime. There were four steam boilers at a research lab on campus that ran 24/7/365. The steam generation is only needed for a 3-4 hour period every 3-4 days. I wanted to reduce the run time of the equipment to reduce equipment failures, life span, and energy consumption. I knew what I wanted to do but had no idea on how I was going to do it through Siemens building automation. I bounced the idea off of Dat on a Tuesday at lunch. The next morning he came into my office like always with a smile and holding a $2 switch in his hand to tell me that he figured it out. He then went on to tell me that he had already installed and tested another switch and it works great. With Dat’s $2 switch and a little bit of programming, we were able to create two modes of operation, stand by and process. Three of the boilers now run 30% less in our new standby mode saving approximately $7,000 annually in energy costs.  ~Nominated by Joe Lestanguet and Mike Campos

SPOT Award

Steven O'Shea

Principal Auto Equipment Operator, Utilities

Steven went above and beyond his regular duties while his supervisor was gone for four months. He performed these extra duties while still handling his own daily route. Steven handled calls and requests from customers and other departments. Steven helped determine how to hand extra work that was assigned to the department and pass it on to his fellow employees. Steven’s assistance took pressure off of the Utilities Director and Waste Water Supervisor so they could concentrate on their own departments. Thank you Steven!  ~Nominated by David Drake