FM Committee Reviews Customer Survey Results

The Employee Engagement Committee within Facilities Management stays busy year-round keeping FM staff engaged with each other and with the campus community. Earlier this fall, the Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) was tasked with analyzing results from the 2020 Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey. The survey covers numerous departments and units on campus, including the FM units of Custodial Services, Building Maintenance Services and Fleet Services. Each of these FM units received over 700 survey responses, providing FM with a wealth of feedback. 

As the survey results for Custodial were being reviewed, it became apparent that the overwhelming trend was a misunderstanding, or expectation gap, between what the campus customers expect versus what the custodians provide. The EEC recommends that this gap of expectation and results could be closed if the Service Level Agreement was known by the customer. They also recommend having a communication campaign to document and distribute what are the expected custodial coverage for an area, and what customers can do to request additional services, and what is reasonable to request at no additional cost, as well as what services can be provided for but come at additional cost. A clear explanation of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning should help bridge the gap. 

The next unit to be analyzed was BMS, and the majority of comments pertained to communication, scheduling priorities and thorough performance. The EEC feels that required training courses about effective communication and customer service would benefit the department. This could improve email response time and reinforce the importance of checking in with customers upon arrival and completion of tasks. The training would also focus on responding promptly to issues and prioritizing work to have the least amount of impact on others while considering safety related issues. Finally, by ensuring each task is complete, and the site is clean before leaving, technicians will demonstrate their efficiency, pride, and thoroughness in the work that they do.  

The final FM unit to be analyzed was Fleet Services. Like Custodial, Fleet customers expressed confusion around processes as some customers do not know where to find the information that is available. The EEC suggests that customers would benefit from increase education around the rental process and other services provided. Fleet could consider adding to the general new employee training, or create material for departments to share with new hires when they are onboarded. For example, a tour or informational video for new employees and current staff that discusses processes and where to find info would improve customer understanding and enhance the customer experience. 

Stay tuned for follow up articles that look into which recommendations have been implemented thanks to your feedback.

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