Fleet Services Introduces New UC Drive System

One unique aspect of Facilities Management Fleet Services is its rental system: staff, students, and faculty can rent a vehicle for university business at four different locations, three of which are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The reservation process however hasn’t always been so smooth. Having a paper-based program antiquated the process and led to bottlenecks in understanding real-time vehicle availability. In addition, each site was managed differently due to different rental needs. In 2019, a team consisting of Fred Gallardo, Ron Gephart, Casey Kendrick, Madison Spiva and Erendida Arzate-Sanchez went right to work on finding a system that would meet all of Fleet’s needs, as well as make the reservation process more streamlined for the customer.

This process was not without its hurdles, of course. Finding the perfect system that would meet the needs of each rental location and seamlessly connect to Fleet was a huge undertaking. Each rental location has a different set of requirements-some vehicles are only available during business hours at the Motor Pool location, while the other three locations have vehicles ready around the clock. Several motor pool solutions were tested and compared to find the best option for UC Davis. After an extensive search, Madison and Erendida were able to find the best fit, and start transitioning to the new automated UCDrive system.

With the new UCDrive system, not only can vehicle reservations be made online, but the customer can also modify the reservation, cancel, and view all upcoming reservations in one place. The customer can even rent for a few hours, a day, or multiple days. Through this system, automatic emails are sent out for confirmation of requests, modifications, approvals, and cancellations. This alleviates the need to fill out memo forms, make physical reservations, and overall reduces the amount of paperwork needed. Reservations can even be made months in advance to ensure the desired vehicle is available. Using their Kerberos account, customers can easily log in and access this system. Fleet anticipates a much more streamlined process for all customers, and a huge load of paperwork eliminated.

Of course, all of this work could not have been done alone. Fleet would like to thank Emerson David and Jeremy Blonde from IT for helping implement the system, and BMS for helping install the kiosks, with a special shout-out to Zach Dodson at Building Management Services, Electrical Construction. The new system is up and running as of April 5! Make your reservations at https://ucdavis.agilefleet.com/ or visit https://facilities.ucdavis.edu/fleet-services/rental/ucdrive for more information.

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