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Facilities Prepares for Fall Occupancy

Facilities Prepares for Fall Occupancy

It’s been more than 15 months since many of our staff members, academics and students were on campus, and Facilities Management is getting ready for the return to the bustling activity of a normal school year.

Pre-occupancy audits

Have You Shared Your Occupancy Plan with Custodial Services?

If you have not been on campus regularly, make sure Custodial Services knows the timing and frequency of your return so they can staff accordingly. 


Taking advantage of the continued low occupancy this summer, the Facilities Management team has launched a pre-occupancy audit consisting of building walkthroughs to identify any maintenance needs before the fall quarter. Staff members with Asset Management and Custodial Services will make up the walkthrough teams. After completing a building review, they will report their findings to the Customer Experience Center who will then ensure tasks are routed to the appropriate shop for follow-up.

The staff members completing the walkthroughs will review key equipment such as lighting, restroom fixtures, and plumbing.

"We launched this project as a proactive approach so that when customers return, they can focus on their department's priorities, not minor building issues," said Associate Vice Chancellor Allen Tollefson of Facilities Management.

In addition, the Custodial Services team will be prepping classrooms, lecture halls, restrooms, hallways and lobby spaces for the fall quarter. Heating and cooling systems have continued to operate (though at reduced levels where possible) and are being evaluated separately (see here for more information).

The pre-occupancy audit is slated to be completed in late August and will include as many buildings as feasible within the timeline.

For customers returning to campus before the fall quarter begins, who identify maintenance needs, please contact our Customer Experience Center at (530) 752-1655. 

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