Vampire Loads & Plug Loads

Word of the Month: Plug Loads & Vampire Loads

Plug Loads & Vampire Loads

Vampire Load

A plug load consists of one or more devices plugged into an outlet or power strip. Vampire loads (also known as phantom plug loads) secretly drain electricity when an electronic device is turned off, but still plugged into an outlet.

A phone charger plugged into a wall without a phone connected to it still consumes a small, but continuous amount of electricity. Coffee makers, toasters, and printers also consume energy when plugged in, even when the devices themselves are turned off.

Vampire loads can be prevented with APS power strips which control the flow of electricity, or by unplugging devices plugged into the wall outlets. Check out our Instagram to see one of our ECO interns explain how vampire loads drain electricity using a plug load logger! 

Also, check out Bonus Level 10 Trim the Waste to learn more about plug loads and energy usage. Complete the quick survey at the bottom of the page to find out how much electricity your laptop uses when plugged in, and for a chance to win a free mask featuring Joules the Cow! 


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