Employee Spotlight: William "Bill" Lonsdale

This month we had the pleasure of catching up with a very busy, William (Bill) Lonsdale. Bill is an Inspector, Planner, and Estimator (IPE) for Building Maintenance Services (BMS) structural projects. Structural work covers everything related to carpentry, flooring, windows, and doors. 

Bill has been with Facilities Management for 15 years as of this January! He started with the Lock Shop, then promoted to the Lock Shop Lead. Now, he is the IPE for all structural projects on campus. In this capacity, you will find Bill planning, creating cost estimates for each project, identifying and purchasing of supplies, and more. He also manages the Office Refresh program and door installations, replacements, ADA compliance, and upgrades. 

"I enjoy working to improve the campus, the freedom to try innovative techniques, and getting to know and work with a very knowledgeable group of staff across campus helps me learn constantly" is Bill's favorite part of his position. Although he says there are always overlapping or competing timelines and constant juggling to get things done, he wouldn't rather be anywhere else. 

When not at work, he says he is usually at a sports event for his daughters, ages 10 and 12. They are busy each day until 7 PM; then it's home for dinner, homework, and bed. His 10-year-old swims six days a week after work, with most weekends taking his time watching her compete or judging the stroke and turn for meets to ensure that all rules are followed. His 12-year-old daughter prefers basketball and tennis. She also has practices five days a week and tournaments on weekends. If they have a free weekend, they will head to San Jose to visit family. 

We are lucky to have Bill's dedication to a hectic day and evening! Thank you, Bill, for all that you do. 

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