Employee Spotlight: Peter Maxwell

This month we had the pleasure of getting to know Peter Maxwell from the Facilities Management Asset Management unit. He is a part of the Portfolio Management and Preventative Maintenance team, which is responsible for developing the UC Davis Preventative Maintenance Program that provides life-cycle analysis, planning, and maintaining over 50,000 assets.  Peter's job title is Facilities Specialist, and his diverse tasks have allowed him to do a little bit of everything in his four and a half years in this office.  

Peter came to UC Davis from the private sector, where he spent years in property management and worked with a company that developed an app that provides single-family households a calendar of tasks needed to do as a homeowner in order to properly maintain a home in its best condition. Both careers support his work for UC Davis, as he was a part of the team that created the iCamp program for the University of California, a program that provides all UC campuses guidance for maintaining assets for facilities operations.  

In addition to this huge task, he works with Utilities staff to manage preventative maintenance of their assets by working to create another UC-wide catalog called the Utilities Uniform Catalog. The catalog provides a centralized location for base knowledge of utilities at each campus. Staff can use this to forecast costs for asset replacements by providing line-by-line information on common and not-so-common utilities equipment. Peter also manages the Fire Extinguisher Preventative Maintenance program for UC Davis which ensures that fire extinguishers are tracked and maintained.   

Peter's favorite part of his job is the staff he works with. He had to quickly learn about the campus buildings, the UC culture, the program, and more. He credits Facilities Management's seasoned staff, who have so much information about the campus, for providing invaluable resources as he explored and cataloged the campus. Thankful for his supervisors Eddy Johnson and Pete Lentino, Peter appreciates the autonomy of being responsible for his work and being encouraged to share and pursue his ideas. He loves being able to take the reins on big projects and seeing them through. He enjoys being the expert in his program and likes learning and working directly with the great staff at Utilities. "Learning how the campus infrastructure works have been amazing. It's a 24/7 job, notes Peter, “If key assets controlling the building go down, research would be lost. I love being a part of keeping the campus alive." 

In his spare time, Peter spends his time with family hiking and enjoying other outside activities. He also invests in collecting valuable sports cards, plays guitar, and even does a little writing on the side. Native to the area, having grown up in Vacaville, then Dixon, Peter loves this area; there is so much to offer.  

We are glad you are here Peter! Keep up the good work. 

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