Employee Spotlight: Joel McCoy

Joel McCoy, the superintendent for the Utilities Gas and Water Department, has worked for Facilities for 14 years and has been with Utilities for 13 years. Originally, he was hired on as an temporary employee with the paint shop. His favorite part about working for Utilities is being a part of an amazing team that accomplishes truly incredible things that keep the campus running smoothly. Joel’s current duties consist of overseeing the operation and maintenance of the various campus water systems’ production and distribution, natural gas distribution, campus aquatic facilities, and underground construction efforts. Trying to keep our water and gas systems functioning while also juggling FM and customer priorities can be challenging. Joel enjoys it though, “The work we do at FM is literally the backbone of the campus. I enjoy being part of the team that keeps the campus lifeblood pumping.” He says he’s very proud of his team and others in Utilities and BMS. When stuff hits the fan-they really show what they are made of and are capable of accomplishing. He’s never surprised, but always impressed.  

Outside of work, Joel enjoys golf, shooting sports, woodworking, and traveling. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! 

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