Ernesto Zaragoza and his family

Employee Spotlight: Ernesto Zaragoza

This month, we are getting to know Ernesto Zaragoza of Fleet Services. Ernesto has been with Fleet since 2018 as a temp and became a permanent Island Attendant in 2022. 

As an Island Attendant with the Day Shift Shop, Ernesto’s work centers on customer service and helping out his coworkers. He refuels and details vehicles, repairs tires, replaces headlights, and services vehicles as needed. Ernesto and his fellow Fleet Attendants all play a role in safety, as they ensure all vehicles are up to date with regulations for their customers and community. 

Through working with the vehicles, Ernesto enjoys helping people and ensures the job is done correctly. He appreciates the team-oriented work style at Fleet as everyone works together. “Ernesto will often pause his current task to assist operators with a flat tire or burnt-out headlight to minimize vehicle downtime and get the employee back on the road,” says Jimmy Pullin, Fleet Services’ Day Shift Supervisor.  

In his spare time, Ernesto spends time outdoors with his wife and children. He loves hiking and riding dirt bikes and quads – nothing like an adrenaline rush! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to FM, Ernesto! 

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