Electrical Construction Gives Thurman BSL3 Lab A Wiring Upgrade

Thurman Lab

As part of the California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System, the Thurman Laboratory offers livestock, avian and equine necropsy as well as virology testing, electron microscopy, toxicology and more. Within Thurman, the Biosafety Level 3 Lab, also known as BSL3, is associated with infectious disease research or work. The delicate nature of this research means that any repairs in the building need to be done as soon as possible. Therefore, when the Electrical team received a call describing what seemed to be continuous issues with breakers that serve BSL3, the team did not hesitate to check the issue.

Early in February, the Electrical team received a call describing a breaker that kept tripping in the BSL3 Lab. As they looked for the cause, they found a burned out wire in a conduit on the roof. Similarly, they noticed the conduits falling off from the supports were likely contributing to the shorts of energy in the lab. Because of the size of the issue, the Electrical maintenance and construction team expected the fix to be a three-day process. Unfortunately, due to the weather and size of the project, the team decided it was best to come up with a quick fix that would allow the lab to be back and operating as soon as possible. This way, the team, and researchers had the opportunity to plan and schedule an electrical shutdown, purchase the necessary materials, and make the needed arrangements to assure protection of the research. With a scheduled shutdown set for May and accommodations for the research to be transported to Southern California, the team was ready to fix the conduits and supports on the roof of Thurman. However, the weather brought another rainstorm that would postpone the fix once more.  Consequently, the team checked that the temporary fix was still working and rescheduled the repairs.

Regardless of all the challenges, from June 5th to June 7th, Electrical maintenance and construction worked together to rewire, re-do the supports and install larger junction boxes. By doing this, the team was able to make sure the main panel that provides energy to BSL3’s equipment works properly for the long-term to prevent serious research being damaged or lost! 

Great job crew and thank you all for all your hard work!