Toxic Pollutant Building

ECO Guides Lab to LEED Gold Certification!

In June, the Toxic Pollutant Health Research Laboratory (TPHRL) at UC Davis received the LEED Gold certification for the Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance. LEED certifications are an official recognition that a project complies with the requirements - in this case the project achieved 72 points out of a possible 110.

History & Overview

Built in 1982, TPHRL is a research facility that serves to conduct experimental exposure to a wide variety of air contaminants, such as environmental tobacco smoke, combustion-generated particles, incidental and engineered nanomaterials, concentrated ambient particles, and electronic nicotine delivery systems. TPHRL has an air filtration and ventilation system that prevents release of gases, particles, and organic vapors into the environment. Following a structure fire in 2018, Facilities Management took the opportunity to renovate and upgrade the building to maximize energy and water efficiency.

Renovations & Energy Upgrades

Highly efficient and ultimately cost-saving renovations include installing a “cool roof,” upgrading HVAC equipment and controls, installing interior and exterior energy-efficient lighting, installing low water-use restroom fixtures, and planting drought-tolerant landscaping. Such implementations have successfully brought together a number of teams with the goal of achieving sustainability and efficiency. This years-long project has diverted over 87% of waste generated from the landfill through recycling and reuse efforts!

We appreciate all of the hard work that went into improving the energy efficiency and environmental performance of the building and its operations. Thank you for your efforts and contributions from the teams within Facilities Management, to the TPHRL building occupants and facility managers, ECO staff, Green building interns and more! Congratulations on achieving the LEED Gold certification and making UC Davis a sustainable and energy-efficient campus!

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