Customer Spotlight: Alain Javier

Alain Javier is the Facilities Manager and Department Safety Coordinator for the UC Davis Libraries on both the main campus and the Medical Library in Sacramento. Alain started his journey with UC Davis as a senior building maintenance worker, then was promoted several years ago to the Library Facilities Manager. He heard about how great UC Davis was to work for when his previous company sent him to a safety training. There, Alain met two Facilities Management (FM) Building Maintenance Services (BMS) staff from UC Davis, who told him it was a great place to work and most people stay there until retirement. When his previous company folded, he remembered this and applied for a position at the UC Davis Library.

The favorite part of Alain’s job is interacting with the different UC Davis staff; building strong relationships makes the job much easier. He says he really enjoys the relationship and interactions he has with FM Custodial Services, Customer Support, and BMS staff. He’s gotten to know a lot of FM staff over the years and vice versa. Though many from FM that he originally met have retired or moved on, the ongoing camaraderie he has with current staff is a favorite part of the job.

As a Facilities Manager, he collaborates with management and library staff, FM, Design and Construction Management (DCM), and other external agencies to coordinate on facility upkeep and maintenance projects. He manages the Request Tracking work order system where staff reports physical plant, custodial, and safety concerns. He also Performs Tier 1 office ergonomic evaluations for library staff. Some of the challenges he is facing today have to do with issues that have come up since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Due to COVID restrictions, Shields Library is the only UC library open since fall quarter last year. Due to COVID guidance for campus buildings, occupancy has been capped to 25% of the original. The 3100 student study seats in the library study area were cut to 750. This change was a massive undertaking- dismantling and reconfiguration of many pieces of furniture and storing them in classrooms, conference rooms and other places. Planning for implementing new protocols and navigating the “new normal” is going to be the library’s biggest challenge.

Alain was raised in Toronto, Canada, naturally loves cold weather, and loves watching and playing hockey. He fondly recalls a family trip he took four days before Christmas to Lake Tahoe, wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. “People looked at me like I was insane!” he said. Alain also enjoys taking road trips and going camping with his family, as well as playing volleyball and watching horror movies. His current favorite scare is The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Having worked for the campus since November of 2010, Alain recently received his 10-year service milestone. He credits the support from supervisors and managers who fully support him for making his ten years with UC Davis fly by.  He looks forward to another 10 years, or more! Congratulations on your milestone, Alain, it's a pleasure to work with you!


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