Custodian sweeps between rows of seats at a lecture hall

More Dayshift Custodians, More Responsive Services

Better service from familiar faces, that’s the goal of Custodial Services’ increase in dayshift custodians.

“We decided to increase our presence on day shift to improve response time to customer service calls and improve the first impressions of our most heavily trafficked buildings on campus,” said Finis Jones, director of Custodial Services.

Over a year ago, prior to the pandemic, Custodial Services began the process of moving custodians from the swing and graveyard shifts to the dayshift and has since brought the number of dayshift custodians from 18 to about 50. 

“Previously, when we only had a handful of custodians on the dayshift, we didn’t have many resources for addressing unexpected needs that arose up during the day,” Jones said.

Poster signed by Wickson Hall staff that reads "Dear custodial staff, Thank you for working extra hard to keep us all healthy! in Wickson Hall!"
Wickson Hall staff shows their appreciation for the hard work done by the building custodial staff.

In order to manage those sporadic, daytime work requests, custodians paused their regular duties and travel to locations in need, causing delays in work orders as well as the performance of their regular duties. More dayshift custodians, stationed in more buildings — especially throughout core campus — means custodians close by can handle urgent needs. In some instances, campus customers won’t even need to place a work order.

It was a dramatic change when we had a custodian on the dayshift,” said Corrine Esser, chief administrative officer for Earth and Planetary Sciences (ESP). “We could easily find Chris [Wright, a dayshift custodian in the ESP building] working and ask him to take care of a recent spill or some other issue quickly without having to go through a ticket request and waiting for a response hours later.

In addition to improving customer service, dayshift custodians will make many buildings cleaner and safer. 

The cleanliness and outward appearance of the third floor has had a marked positive increase since I have seen Craig [Joe, a dayshift custodian] working,” said Benjamin Bergstrom, a Ph.D. candidate performing research in the Chemistry Building.

Though the shift began before the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become even more important to have dayshift custodians in the light of coronavirus. Custodial Services has played an important role in sanitizing spaces on campus, in no small part thanks to the ongoing expansion of dayshift custodians. 

“Our expanded day shift services allow us to disinfect common areas, restrooms and eventually classrooms multiple times per day,” Jones said. 

This work has made it possible for essential personnel to work safely on campus throughout the pandemic. In addition to frequent, thorough sanitizing, Custodial Services also provides disinfection in the instance of possible and known COVID-19 cases.

“[In Kemper Hall,] we received great services from our Custodial Services and Finis Jones when we have had positive COVID-19 test results,” said Jessie Catacutan, an executive assistant dean in the College of Engineering, “[Custodial Services provided] great communication and subsequent cleaning of areas that person occupied."

“We hope that this will give faculty, staff and students confidence that they are in clean and safe environment each day they arrive on campus,” Jones said.

Areas that can expect to receive a dayshift custodian include the ARC, Memorial Union, Student Community Center and Shields Library, locations highly trafficked by the campus community.

Current Dayshift Custodian Locations

  • Academic Surge

  • Activities & Recreation Center (ARC)

  • Bainer Hall

  • Briggs Hall

  • Chemistry and Chemistry Annex 

  • Dutton Hall

  • Earth & Physical Sciences (EPS) Building

  • Everson Hall

  • Haring  Hall

  • Hickey Gym 

  • Hunt Hall

  • Genome & Biomedical Sciences  Facility

  • Ghausi Hall

  • Giedt Hall

  • The Grove (Surge III)

  • Kemper Hall

  • Life Sciences Building/Green Hall

  • Mathematical Sciences Building

  • Memorial Union 

  • Meyer Hall

  • Mrak Hall

  • Olson Hall

  • Peter J. Shields Library

  • Physics Building

  • Plant & Environmental Sciences

  • Robert Mondavi Institute complex 

  • Sciences Lab Building

  • Social Sciences & Humanities

  • Sproul Hall

  • Student Community Center 

  • Tupper Hall

  • Veihmeyer  Hall

  • Vet Med 3A 

  • Vet Med 3B 

  • Vet Med Teaching Hospital

  • Walker Hall

  • Wellman Hall

  • Young  Hall


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