Keeping UC Davis Stocked and Disinfected

gloved hand washing bathroom sink fixture

UC Davis custodial teams are disinfecting student housing, administrative and teaching spaces DAILY, in accordance with CDC guidelines. Dining services is disinfecting some food-service areas HOURLY.

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus in UC Davis public spaces and residential areas, strict disinfecting schedules have been established by Custodial Services and Student Housing and Dining Services.

Additionally, we’re committed to ensuring bathroom soap dispensers always stocked, as regularly washing your hands is critical to stopping the spread of coronavirus or other illness.

We are also encouraging all of our staff who have flu-like symptoms to stay at home and use the leave available to them. This will allow our staff to stay well so they can continue maintaining disinfected spaces for all of UC Davis’ students, employees and visitors.

Please report any unsanitary conditions or out-of-stock supplies and we’ll fix it immediately:

What is Dining Services doing to keep spaces sanitary?

  • Encourage staff with flu symptoms to stay home
  • Disinfecting Hourly all high traffic areas
    • Door knobs
    • Bathroom areas
    • Railings
    • Sneeze guards
  • Replacing Self-Service utensils HOURLY
  • Stocking sanitizer dispensers continuously for guests to use when they enter or leave

How are General Facilities (residence halls and administrative space) being disinfected?

  • Encourage staff with flu symptoms to stay home
  • Disinfecting DAILY
    1. Common Spaces Disinfected DAILY
      1. Door handles and commonly touched places on doors
      2. Tables and countertops (student housing areas)
      3. Hand rails
      4. Lobbies
      5. Light switches and elevator buttons
    2. Bathrooms Disinfected DAILY
      1. Fixtures: sinks, commodes, partitions
      2. Handles: door and sinks
      3. ADA mechanisms/buttons
    3. Kitchen Areas Disinfected DAILY (student housing areas)
      1. Counters, stove top, microwave and all handles
    4. Laundry Areas Disinfected DAILY
      1. Counters, machines and all handles