Coffee Grounds and Drains – A Clog Waiting to Happen


Coffee groundsMost of us never think about the many things that go down the drain, either on purpose or by accident.  Two things that will wreak havoc the most and clog a drain the fastest is grease and coffee grounds.  Alone, they can be a challenge, together, they can set a clog in motion that could be most difficult to unclog. 

So what happens when you dispose of your coffee grounds in the drain or garbage disposal?  It’s actually quite fascinating.  When coffee grounds reach the pipes, they immediately begin to form a sludge that over time, will actually become so dense (almost like cement) that the only way to unclog the drain is to re-pipe the plumbing fixture.

So where should you put those coffee grounds?  A great use is your garden!  Consider sprinkling them in your garden or other potted plants.  They make a fantastic fertilizer.  No garden, no worries, simply add them to your compost pile and they can be resourced to other gardens around campus.