BMS HVAC Controls is Keeping it Comfortable!

BMS HVAC controls team

Can you imagine your house without air conditioning during the summer?  Or a lab with fluctuating room temperature?   

Whether is a house, business, or a campus, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are found in every building. HVAC Controls is a crew composed of a representative at the front and nine technicians in charge of controlling the different elements of HVAC systems on campus -- including ventilation, air pressure, room temperatures and more.   

HVAC receives a call when a room does not get the right amount of airflow, or the temperature is too hot or too cold. In other cases, they respond to triggered temperature alarms or last-minute events. The crew then evaluates the situation by assessing the building, assigns a level of urgency, and then prioritizes the order in which the issue will be resolved. In addition to customer support, HVAC Controls has ongoing projects. These often consist of retrofitting and updating control systems from Pneumatically Controlled to Direct Digital Controls (DDC). They also work with IPE and DCM to assure installations and changes are working properly, and assists other shops when requested. 

Although Controls sometime encounters challenges with their assignments, the team works through each to find the best solution possible.  They also collaborate with other shops to fix their aging system and go through training to keep up with the newest technology. Last but not least, due to the wide variety of difference in comfort levels, the crew works to find the best temperature that will make most people happy.   

HVAC Controls works hard to make sure the campus's buildings are suitable for work and research. They continue to strive for student, staff and animal comfort, prevent temperature-related equipment damage, and research safety.