Facility Condition Assessment

In 2016, UCOP approached UC Davis Facilities Management on creating a partnership to build a best in class system-wide FCA (Facility Condition Assessment) Program. The FCA Program evaluates every significant real property asset on campus to determine the asset’s current condition, the potential for failure and mission-critical-importance level. It provides an accurate assessment of our Deferred Maintenance needs based on actual asset conditions, allows us to effectively prioritize projects and manage risk, supplies the information we need to plan for long-term funding and more.

The UC system-wide program is called Integrated Capital Asset Management Program (ICAMP). Our Asset Management team collaborates with other UC campuses to implement ICAMP in order to optimize facility lifecycle management. 

The program provides:
  • An accurate assessment of our DM needs
  • A way to effectively prioritize projects and manage risk
  • An overall facility condition and health analysis
  • Information needed to plan for long-term funding
  • A standardized asset inventory
  • A method for managing facility and asset lifecycles