Water & Gas

UC Davis Rec Pool

Water & Gas

UC Davis has its own city-scale water systems to provide the campus with water for domestic use, industrial applications, fire-fighting, and irrigation. This operational unit also maintains the campus natural gas network and swimming pools and provides centralized support for utility system instrumentation and control functions. 

Operation & Maintenance Support

  • hands-on checks and testing of the systems
  • utilization of sophisticated automated monitoring and control systems
  • SCADA and operation of heavy equipment

Our state-certified staff operates, maintain and support the following to assure compliance with federal, state and local regulations:

  • Domestic Water System
  • Utility Water System
  • Agricultural Water System
  • Swimming Pools on campus Schaal, Recreation & Hickey Pools
  • Support for Russell Ranch Irrigation Systems
  • Water supply support for other departmental wells for fishery and agricultural programs
  • Support for the wastewater & storm drain collection systems
  • Support for the chilled water distribution
  • Support for various campus research projects