storm drainage

Storm Drainage

Thanks to the temperate Northern California weather, Davis does not often experience heavy storms. However, our campus is well prepared with an extensive storm drainage system that will redirect any rainwater and water runoffs into the UC Davis Arboretum waterway to prevent potential flooding. 

With over 80 miles of pipes underneath our 5,300-acre campus, diligent maintenance is critical to the campus operation. Our Utilities staff regularly survey each section of the storm drainage for potential repairs or blockage. Oil sheen removers are installed at each of the drainage inlets to prevent oil contamination within the Arboretum waterway. 

Goal for the future

At this time, all redirected stormwater and recycled water from the Wastewater Treatment Plant are flowing into the Arboretum waterway at a quarter way through the UC Davis Arboretum with a few outlets along the way westward. Since stormwater is relatively clean like recycled water, our Utilities unit plan to flow recycled water and stormwater from the start of the Arboretum waterway to improve water flow and mitigate algal blooms due to stagnant water.