Solid Waste

Solid Waste

On average, the campus generates 25,000 tons of solid waste material per year, in which 6,100 tons material is landfilled. The Solid Waste division's services include:

  • collection and disposal of non-hazardous refuse for state-funded departments on campus
  • collection and disposal of waste from non-state funded departments
  • collection and disposal of large volume animal bedding material waste (straw)
  • transportation and disposal of refuse generated on campus to the Yolo County Landfill
  • collection of recyclable cardboard, metals, paper, glass, cans and plastics and delivery to an off-site vendor who pays prevailing rates for the material

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

HHW may not be included in ordinary trash for landfill disposal. Common HHW items are:


Fire extinguishers

Pilot light sensors


Fluorescent bulbs & tubes


Automotive products

Gasoline & flammables

Propane tanks


Household cleaners


Brake / transmission fluid

Medical waste

Unknown cylinders

Electric switches/relays

Mercury thermometers

Unknown substances

Electronic devices with a circuit board (e-waste)

Paints (latex or oil based)

Used motor oil & filters


Pesticides & herbicides


Anyone who generates HHW has “cradle to grave responsibility” and must dispose of it properly. UC Davis campus is not eligible to take HHW to the Yolo County Central Landfill and contracts with a third party for routine material pickup.

The following groups have specific guidelines they need to follow for proper disposal:

  • Staff & Faculty Campus Office/Lab Occupants and Solano Park Residents

Utilize the WASTe System Contact Safety Services for additional assistance at 530-754-5058,

  • Segundo, Cuarto, & Tercero Residents

Students who live in Segundo, Cuarto, or Tercero should refer to this flyer for directions.

  • Public/Private Partnerships (P3)

The following buildings are owned/operated by third parties who must arrange for routine proper pickup and disposal by an outside vendor. Residents living in the buildings should contact the management company for that location for proper disposal of HHW. Refer to this flyer for directions.

8th & Wake

The Atriums

Domes at Baggins End

The Colleges at La Rue

Hyatt Hotel


La Rue Park

West Village (Sol)

Primero Grove

West Village (The Green)

Russell Park