Central Heating and Cooling Plant

Central Heating & Cooling Plant

Central Heating & Cooling Plant

The Central Heating & Cooling Plant generates and distributes high-pressure steam, hot water, and chilled water through a district energy system to heat and cool over 8 million square feet of building space.


  • Steam pipeline: 27 miles
  • Steam Vaults: 256
  • Chilled Water pipeline: 27 miles
  • Chilled Water Valves: 590


Buildings that are connected to the district energy system are currently heated by steam production. Central Plant staff ensures that there is enough steam production based on pressure, manage boiler capacity and plant functions. Large carbon emission is a byproduct of steam production, and UC Davis is looking into ways to reduce the campus's carbon footprint by switching over to hot water heating in the future.

Steam Production:

  • 325,000 Ibs per hour


Chilled water loops are also connected to the district energy system to provide cooling to campus buildings. In order to provide uninterrupted service of chilled water, the Central Plant staff takes energy efficiency, equipment availability and campus feedback into consideration. 

Chilled Water Production:

  • CHCP: 11,250 tons
  • Thermal Energy Storage (TES): 8,000 tons
  • Cooling Towers: 5