UCDavis Utilities

Our Services

Similar to a small city, the UC Davis campus operates with a large scale utility infrastructure in order to keep the campus functioning. The Utilities unit within Facilities Management provide services such as:

Campus Power Management

  • Management of exterior lighting system to keep the campus well-lit and safe.
  • Electricity supply for overall campus functions and activities.
  • Power backup generator in case of emergency.

Transforming Waste Into Resources

  • Proper collection and disposal of refuse on campus.
  • Wastewater treatment prior to release into Putah Creek to minimize environmental impact.
  • Interconnected sewer and drainage system redirect stormwater and mitigate flooding. 
  • Transforming organic waste into electricity supply for the campus grid.

Campus Utilities: Heating, Cooling, Water & Gas

  • Management of Central Heating and Cooling Plant that provides heating and cooling to campus buildings.
  • City-scale water systems to provide the campus with water for domestic use, industrial applications, fire-fighting, and irrigation.
  • Maintenance of the campus natural gas network and swimming pools for day-to-day campus activities.

Utilities Support

  • Centralized support, manages utility contracts, processes utility billing for auxiliary units, and reports campus-wide utility use. 
  • Provide project support, utility metering management, day-to-day utility system instrumentation, and control support.

Data & Engineering

  • Provides centralized support, processes utility billing for auxiliary units, and reports campus-wide utility use.
  • Facilitate whole-campus energy and water reporting and metrics.
  • Help with energy procurement and energy and sustainability master planning to meet campus sustainability goals.