Building Maintenance Services Rates

Current Rates

What is paid for by the department vs Facilities Management?

Department recharge: Any repair on department-owned structures may be recharged to the department


Facilities Management covered: Any repair on the physical facility owned by the university may be covered by Facilities Management 



Hourly Rate

Overtime Rate

Inspector, Planner, Estimator (IPE) or Foreman $116.00 $116.00
Sr. Physical Plant Mechanic (SPPM)   $99.00 $126.00
Elevator mechanic (SPPM) $157.00


Structural SPPM
includes painting, flooring, roofing, locksmithing trades
$95.00 $122.00
Physical Plant Mechanic (PPM) and Sr. Building Maintenance Worker (SBMW) $83.00 $107.00
Sr. Building Maintenance Worker (SBMW) includes SBMW’s working in electrical, mechanical, plumbing and structural shops $83.00 $107.00