Plumbing, Steam, Swing Shift & Night Operations Services

UC Davis Plumbing, Steam, Swing Shift & Night Operations
Facilities Management: Plumbing, Steam, Swing Shift & Night Operations Team


We install, modify, update and maintain all of the plumbing systems such as:

  • industrial hot and cold water systems 
  • domestic hot and cold water systems
  • lab vacuum
  • reverse osmosis
  • deionized water
  • and ultra-pure water systems
  • natural gas
  • compressed lab air
  • high air pressure
  • control air systems
  • sanitary sewer systems, lift stations
  • acid waste systems
  • storm drain systems
  • greenhouse cooling systems
  • medical clean grade systems such as oxygen, vacuum, air, nitrogen, argon, and water treatment such as water softeners, etc.

We also maintain fire sprinklers, testing and corrections, backflow preventers testing and repairs.


We install, modify, update, and maintain:

  • boilers
  • radiators
  • steam traps
  • steam valves
  • high and low-pressure steam systems
  • steam heating coils and condensate receivers (air and steam)
  • steam and condensate mains and branch lines
  • chilled and heating hot water closed loop systems