BMS Structural

Mechanical Services

UC Davis Mechanical Shop
Facilities Management: Mechanical Team

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) 

We are responsible for maintaining all mechanical equipment related to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration trades.

We provide:

  •  service on a wide variety of equipment ranging from package a/c units, chillers, gas heaters, walk-in boxes, supply, return, exhaust fans, fan coils, and cooling towers
  •  corrective and routine preventative maintenance checks on all of our equipment
  •  repair and installation on new HVAC/R equipment for better temperature control and energy efficiency
  • scheduling and temperature changes remotely upon requests from our EMS system


We are a full-service machine shop with the skill, experience, and equipment to fabricate a wide variety of materials for the repair of machinery and equipment. Our team has broad experience in mechanical systems and machinery.

We can:

  •  custom fabricate specialty parts in a variety of materials ranging from brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and resin polymers.
  • repair pumps, motors, small engines, and a variety of other departmental owned equipment ranging from hydraulic tables and lifts to roll-up doors and electronic gates

Sheet Metal and Welding 

Our sheet metal and welding service provides solutions for any lab, classroom or office environment.

Our fully equipped shop and skilled staff can:

  • fabricate, cut, and/or install virtually any metal item
  • work with all metals from stainless steel to aluminum and castings