• Do you have the keys to my office? Can you let me into a building?
  • Your department’s key control representative should have a key. If that person is not available, call (530) 752-1655. You will need to present campus identification before being admitted. If you require admission for a special event, you should contact Conference and Event Services or the department from whom you have rented the space. Please note that there is a charge for unlocking service to departmental staff.
  •  How do I dispose of a key that is bent and cracked?
  • If you have a key that is bent or cracked so that it does not work in a lock, it should be returned to the Facilities Management Lock Shop. Please send the key via Inter-Office mail to Facilities Lock Shop / Key Control.
  • What to do if the bathrooms are locked if I am in a building on the weekend?
  • Talk to the custodian beforehand to make sure they are opened otherwise call Facilities Management's 24-hour hotline and they will get someone out there for you in a timely manner.