• When do you have to put a project up for public bid?
  • Per university policy, any projects exceeding $100,000 need to go out for public bid. The cost of a project may not be split up to avoid the bid process.
  • Does UC Davis have a strategy for keeping its buildings in good repair?
  • Facilities Management maintains a long-range maintenance plan for major needs, which helps when projecting the appropriate funding for a budget year. The goal is to perform more planned maintenance, rather than reactive maintenance.
  • Who maintains work after it's complete?
  •  1. We do maintain buildings after building warranty expires.
    2. If the work was done on a department-owned asset, the department is responsible for maintenance.
    3. Facilities, fixtures or equipment that is under warranty must be maintained by the manufacturer.
  • May I hire my own vendor or outside contractor?
  •  No. the campus must follow strict policy and legal guidelines in the bidding of projects and hiring of contractors. In addition, it is often preferable to use in-house services for facility maintenance or alterations because Facilities Management staff understand the campus infrastructure in detail, including the many codes and regulations that govern the research activities for which many facilities are used.
  • What do I do if my building gets damaged?
  • We will send out one of our Insurance IPE’s to see if a claim may need to be filed or if we can take care of this damage with our own maintenance units.
  • If there is an unwanted or dead animal in my building what do I do? 
  •  Please call Customer Experience at (530) 752-1655 to put in a work order.
  • What do I do if my elevator stops working?
  •  A malfunctioning elevator is always considered an emergency. Please give us a call at (530) 752-1655.
  • What do I do if I feel too hot or too cold in my room?
  •  If you are experiencing discomfort in your space, please submit feedback through TherMOOstat. Every comfort feedback is looked at and potential issues with thermostats or mechanical issues are investigated by a member of our team.
  • I checked my thermostat and it is still not working, what do I do?
  •    Please put in a work order online or call Customer Experience at (530) 752-1655.