Utilities Recharges

Contact Information

For questions, data requests and changes to your recharge account (FAU), please email utilbill@ucdavis.edu.  

Utilities Billing

Utilities are provided and monitored for most of campus by the Utilities department. Buildings within the city and a few on the perimeter of campus are serviced by the City of Davis and/or PG&E, and those services are called Purchased Utilities.

FacilitiesLink is our official office of record regarding space allocation per building. Therefore, it is the department’s responsibility to ensure that FacilitiesLink is kept up to date. In addition, please be advised that we will not make billing adjustments beyond the current fiscal year. 

Special note on mixed use occupancy buildings: Some buildings on campus contain multiple departments. If a non-state supported department occupies space in a mixed-use building, we recharge utilities by multiplying their associated square foot percentage by the total building use per commodity.

Student Utilities at The Colleges at La Rue

Designated Billing Contact

Each apartment selects one student to serve as the billing contact. The Utilities department bills this student monthly via his/her My Bill account for the total electricity usage for that apartment. It is the responsibility of the student to split the bill with his/her roommate(s).

Moving Out 

If you are the billing contact and plan to move out prior to August 31, contact the Utilities department to provide the following information before you leave:

  • Apartment #
  • Current billing contact’s name & move out date
  • New contact’s name, student ID, and contact information (i.e., phone or email)

Billing Overview

  • Meter readings – Performed once a month; no mid-month readings
  • Bill Period – Beginning of the month to the end; no proration if the student moves out mid-month
  • Bill Date – Student receives a statement from Student Accounting in the month following the billing period
  • Statement – Student must be enrolled in the current quarter to receive it via email, otherwise, it is sent via US Mail. Contact the Cashier’s Office with any questions regarding the billing statement.

Temporary Utilities Billing

Temporary utilities are provided to support the construction of new buildings, renovation of existing space, or special projects.  The Utility Billing Memo has information and instructions for Design & Construction Management and contractors.

The following information is required by the Utilities Department prior to connecting temporary utilities:

  • Customer name
  • Address & phone #
  • Project name
  • Project manager
  • Accounts payable contact name, email, phone
  • Email for monthly invoices if different than AP contact