Utility Rates

Utility Rates

The Utilities division is responsible for developing campus utility rates, metering usage, and billing for utility services. Utility rates are developed to allocate fairly the full cost of each utility system, without profit or subsidy, to customers who benefit from it.

Rates are developed and submitted for approval via the campus rate review process administered by the Office of Budget & Institutional Analysis.

Rates are based on the anticipated cost of system operation for the period the rate covers, in order to provide as much budget predictability as possible to our customers.

Rates as of January 1, 2018

(Billing Units)
Commodities-Only Cost
Simple Ratesᴬ

Electricity (kWh)

(blended) $0.0614
(incremental) $0.0699




Building Gas (therms)





Domestic Water (ccf)





Sewer (ccf)





Chilled Water (ton-hrs)





Steam (k-lbs)






A. State/Campus-Supported Space
B. Housing, DCM, etc.
C. Contractors, P3s, etc. 

Notes for Engineering and Cost Analyses

  1. For incremental analyses for state‐supported uses (e.g., comparing green power purchase agreements, water conservation, etc.), use the "Commodities-Only Cost." Use the higher incremental rate for electricity, as that cost reflects the last electricity purchased.
  2. For non-incremental analyses (e.g., determining how much it costs to support Building A vs. Building B), use the "Simple Rates."
  3. For financial analysis of work proposed for non-state, affiliated utility customers (e.g., Housing), use the "Non-State Affiliated" rates.
  4. For financial analysis of work proposed for non‐state, non‐affiliated utility customers (e.g., Contractors, Public/Private Partnerships, USDA), use the "Non-State Non-Affiliated" rates.

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