Custodial Services

The Pathway that Inspires Career Success

Finis Jones, Director of Custodial Services, joined Facilities Management in 2017, bringing years of experience and a new style of leadership to the team. Once on board, Finis immediately recognized that he had some amazing staff on hand. He began working with his managers Remedios Sarabia, Swing Shift Custodial Services Operations Manager, Esmeralda Vanover, Operations Daytime Principal Supervisor, and Jasmine Aranda, Operations Services Support Staff Manager, to expand the department's mentorship progam and create a pathway that would inspire staff to strive for career progression.

Employee Spotlight: Marlene Slichter

This month we would like to introduce Marlene Slichter, Lead Custodian for Custodial Services at Facilities Management. She has worked for Facilities for 20 years, and lives in Davis. Marlene likes working for FM as it has given her many opportunities for continued education as well as self-improvement. Her duties include helping supervisors with whatever is needed to make campus a cleaner and safer place for staff, faculty, and students. Read on to learn more about Marlene!

Facilities Prepares for Fall Occupancy

Facilities Prepares for Fall Occupancy

It’s been more than 15 months since many of our staff members, academics and students were on campus, and Facilities Management is getting ready for the return to the bustling activity of a normal school year.

Pre-occupancy audits Have You Shared Your Occupancy Plan with Custodial Services?

If you have not been on campus regularly, make sure Custodial Services knows the timing and frequency of your return so they can staff accordingly. 


Rag Exchange Program Cleans Campus

Every Monday, bundles of clean rags are delivered to buildings across campus and as the 10-12 bundles are delivered, dirty cleaning rags are exchanged to be laundered. Getting the rags washed as opposed to replaced not only saves the university money, it is much more eco-friendly. Joe Williams, recharge manager for Custodial Services, estimates that these rags costs about $1-$3 each. “The rags can go through the wash about 10-15 times until they need to be replaced. Even the laundering process is eco-friendly!”

FM Committee Reviews Customer Survey Results

The Employee Engagement Committee within Facilities Management stays busy year-round keeping FM staff engaged with each other and with the campus community. Earlier this fall, the Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) was tasked with analyzing results from the 2020 Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey.

Zero Waste Pilot Project

Zero Waste Pilot Project Zero Waste Collaboration

The roll out of a centralized bin system within the buildings listed here, and eventually across campus, is the result of a collaboration between Facilities Management and Sustainability whose CalRecycle grant application helped fund a new compost collection vehicle to manage the future growth of our organic waste stream.

Custodial Services Cleaning Protocols During COVID-19

Custodial Services Cleaning Protocols During COVID-19 Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The health and safety of our custodial staff, as well as community the unit serves, is of the utmost importance. We ask that you read through this information to gain a better understanding of the sanitization services Custodial plans to supply.