Tririga Training


Visit training guide for Tririga refreshers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I add or remove information on my task after it is submitted?
  • Once a task is submitted you will not be able to add or remove information. To make necessary changes, contact the Customer Experience Center at 530-752-1655.
  • What building or location name should I use when entering in my request?
  • When typing in a building name please type the full name avoiding abbreviations. You may also search by zone. For example, type "Genome and Biomedical Sciences" instead of "GBSF."
  • I submitted my estimate request but can't find it.
  • Please ensure that when submitting an estimate request, you are selecting "Major Project Estimate."
  • I received an IBM error when trying to log in to the Tririga system. What does this mean?
  • You have received this screen because your profile has not been created or it is not active. To gain access to the system and to activate your profile, please contact the Customer Experience Center at 530-752-1655. Please note that students do not have access to this system currently.
  • How do I upload a document or photo to a record in Tririga.
  • Visit training guide for instructions.