Undergrad Expands College Career to Master of Sciences

From Biological Systems Engineering to a Master of Science in Energy Systems.

William (Billy) Evans, a student from Engineering.

This month, we are getting to know William (Billy) Evans, a student intern at Energy & Engineering. After completing his undergraduate studies as a Biological Systems Engineer, Billy is now a first-year graduate student pursuing his Master of Science in Energy Systems.

As a graduate student researcher with Energy & Engineering, Billy’s role is to assist team members with their projects along with leading his own project of identifying shortcomings and proposing solutions to improve the energy efficiency of King Hall. Billy is grateful to work with such an experienced team and help UC Davis run more efficiently with respect to energy. Following his graduate studies, Billy plans to connect the bridge between technology, policy, and people. When asked about this bridge, Billy said, “Technology is undoubtedly critical in facilitating a more sustainable future. However, ensuring that it is both adopted and accepted by the user is similarly vital in creating long-term change.”

When he’s not in the Energy & Engineering office, Billy is likely spending time exploring the universal languages: math and music. He started learning how to play electric guitar at age nine and has been strumming ever since! He has always enjoyed math, as he began studying calculus at twelve. 

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